“Learning Communities: An Opportunity”

A first-hand account of the Business Connections Learning Community (BCLC) by Courtney Hong, sophomore.

Hi, there!

As I sit here wondering how to go about this blog post, I’m reflecting back on when I was a prospective student viewing blogs. I remember wanting to know what the people of UConn actually thought about their university, but I also remember questioning what these blog writers were all about. Do they get paid to say pretty things about UConn? Are they fulfilling requirements for class?

Well, readers, I assure you I’m a real-life student who is voluntarily and quite happily writing this blog. My name is Courtney and I’m a sophomore here at UConn. I love reading and playing sports, have a worrisome obsession with The Lion King, and am from Michigan. Which, I suppose, is where my own little story begins. To sum it up: born in New York and raised in Michigan, I ended back on the East Coast. UConn’s School of Business enticed me and, alas, I’m now a Management major here. Upon applying for on-campus housing, I was prompted: “Choose a Learning Community that most interests you.” Or something of the sort. Umm…Business School, Business Major…Business Connections Learning Community. Sure, that’ll work! Except, wait, I had no idea what a Learning Community was.

I’ve since learned that they are, quite simply, an opportunity. They’re an opportunity to get involved, an opportunity to build relationships with people who will impact your future, and an opportunity to expose yourself to the possibilities that the world has to offer. Sounds corny, I know. But it’s true. In fact, it’s one of the great things about Learning Communities here at UConn; they broaden your horizons to the point where you have to sit back and ask yourself what direction you want to take your future.

The Business Connections House, for example, does this by hosting a variety of events both small-scale and large-scale. My first year, we took a day trip to New York City and were given a special tour of the New York Stock Exchange. We were fortunate enough to talk to traders down on the floor and gain true insight into such an integral part of the nation’s (and world’s) economies. We participated in Networking Forums and career building lunches with Business Alumni. This year, the magnitude and breadth of events hosted by the Business Connections House is no different: lunches with School of Business faculty, meetings with various alumni, a barbeque with PwC, and trips to companies like BlumShapiro.

Events like these, however, were more than just networking tools; I learned the benefits of ambition and fortitude. I’ve seen where hard work can get you. I’ve heard stories of inspiration from successful men and women in the business world that make me think, “I can do this.” I suppose, then, that I have my Learning Community and my University to thank for that. Next semester will be my last as a live-in member of a learning community, but I know I will always be grateful for the opportunities that UConn’s Learning Communities have provided me.

Best to you all.




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