Freshman English Students Share Their Work: 2nd Annual LC Scholar Symposium

On Thursday, November 29, 2012, Learning Community students, staff, and faculty gathered for the Second Annual Learning Community Scholar Symposium. This event was intended to showcase eight outstanding LC Freshman English students and their work from this past semester. Students represented included: Katie Smith (Animal Science Non-Residential LC), Max Birenbaum (Business Connections), Omar Allam (Chemistry Non-Residential LC), Christopher Day (Community Service), Emily Liao (Humanities House), Derek Litts (Leadership), Victoria Chilinski (Pre-Communications Non-Residential LC), and Sophia Symon (Pre-Teaching Non-Residential LC).

The Freshman English Program and Learning Communities have partnered together in order to establish a curriculum that embeds writing into the specific goals of each learning community. By incorporating the learning community theme into the attached Freshman English course, students have been able to extend above and beyond the expectations for a general education requirement course. The LC Scholar Symposium allowed staff, students, and faculty alike to experience the work that has been created throughout the Fall 2012 semester.

The writing that was showcased Thursday night was incredible. All eight students showed enormous depth in their writing and public speaking abilities. It was apparent that these students had put a lot of hard work into their papers, showing a wide range of critical thinking and effort. Each paper was very different in subject matter and approach, but each shared the connection of the Freshman English/Learning Community partnership, exemplifying the importance and value of incorporating the outside life into the classroom.

All in all, the event was a success!



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