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Engulfed by the glory of mountain passes and crystal waters, I couldn’t help but to feel infinitely small, for amidst nature’s grandeur the individual is rendered utterly insignificant. This taste of insignificance, however, spurred a comprehension of connection. I forgot about the body that confines me and surrendered myself to Mother Nature, realizing that I was part of earth itself. The atoms that compose me once ebbed and flowed within a myriad of the universe’s creations. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. We are thus infinitely recycled– as flowers, as waterfalls, as elephants, as humans. We have been, are, and will be everything. All of this knowledge, learned in various classroom lectures, crashed and rippled over me, and for the first time I truly understood. We are one.

The thought is a powerful one. If we, as humans, believe that we share something innate with Mother Earth, will we not…

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