Eurotech May 2013 Study Abroad Germany


Just after the completion of their semester, the students of Eurotech House traveled to Germany to enhance their German language skills and see the engineering concepts they are studying in action.

On the trip students visited internationally known engineering companies, such as Trumpf and Mastpumpen, and visited the University of Stuggart as well as the German cities of Munich, Heidelberg, and Karlsruhe.

After their visit to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology one student said, “I absolutely loved Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. First we were given the usual general presentation about the school, which was impressive, but what really sold me was the tour…I thought it was beautiful.”

Students were immersed in German culture as they learned about German history, and visited a German castle.

“We met a current Eurotech student from UConn who is currently doing his internship in Germany, Artur. Artur was extrememly knowledgeable and helpful. He gave us a lot of information regarding adjusting to German life, and the way German schools work…We then went to a museum with him, and we got to see a lot of history.”

They also had a lot of fun visiting Europa Park, a European amusement park.

“Today was extremely fun! We went to Europa Park, which is a massive amusement park. It is the largest them park in Germany and is located in Rust, in south-western Germany, between Freiburg and Strasbourg, France. Because of its location, lots of people from other countries come to this park. So many different languages were spoken here it was incredible. It was fun to see that no matter what language you speak, you can have fun riding roller coasters.”

The trip was concluded with a visit to Mercedez-Benz, where students listened to a brief presentation about the company and got to see the production line in action as a Mercedes engine was manufactured.

“It was a very interesting process. It was an almost entirely automated assembly line, with huge yellow robot arms doing one very specific job. It seemed like the perfect example of German engineering as everything was so organized, precise, and quality.”

The students returned to America, excited to tell their stories to their family and friends.

“I’ve become so close to all the people on this trip and had so many wonderful experiences with them. Even though we were only in Germany for 10 days, it felt like much longer because each day was packed with so much excitement. After having gone on this trip I am much more passionate about Eurotech. I am really looking forward to continue to learn German and take more engineering classes.”


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